How did this all begin?

How did this all begin?

I Miss You 031811


Well, it was a very difficult last 2 years in life for myself but I have managed to a few songs off of the ground.

Wrightwood creates a new song.

“There you are before me/ There you are before me/

And the brightness behind you as it blinds me/ oh oh oh/

And there you are before me/ Oh there you are before me/

As I swiftly move through strange shaped rocks in altitudes/

Not meant for you/and not meant for me”

“Frequencies/and your scents for me”

The above is the latest set of lyrics I am putting together for what I think will be my best song I have ever done. As time goes by it will become more and more full. Currently I am hashing this song out with good friends and wonderful musician friends Patrick Cleary and Cheryl Lynn Caddick of the band Silver Phial. So far as of this date everything is sounding wonderful and I am excited to see how the song develops over the next few weeks.