For today, a thought

We, unfortunately have hit no other age other than the age of the ego.

The art of compromise is over and times of selfish behavior ruled by the ego is taking hold more and more. Balance is a lost significance in the wake of the onslaught, mistaken as taking good care of one self. Perspective is the key to your own understanding of these words. Do not mistake counter arguments for necessarily being correct. Let everyone, however debate none the less.


my insignificant theory on how to be unique.

Once again I found myself at an impass where I was at the end of the metaphorical line. A hand dealt , wrought with karmic lashings never ending. My best foot forward I found that when , once at the end of this line I simply turn around face the other direction and I am first once more.



This is the link here on YouTube

Here is a fun video that didn’t turn out too well sound wise at all however it shows the band and I like that and how we would normally look and sound live for the most part. Team is Andrew Lynch on keys, Patrick Ryan Cleary on guitar, Denny Weston jr on drums and Scott Watson on bass. Love these fellows. All great musicians. Video credit is my good friend David Schless. I did his video a disservice by not thinking out the song first. Another try around the corner soon.

A year has past but not the effort on this project, Wrightwood.

A year has passed but not the effort on this project as Wrightwood is coming to fruition.
Since my last posting here I literally have accomplished so much more with Wrightwood
but not without a cost. I am once again and with not too much regret anymore single again.
I do not know why for the most part but it is for the better. I accomplish so much more now and
my time is demanded across the board here since I have now acquired a P.R. group
that is going to work with me for labeling services and P.R and I have also finished a music
video that still needs closure monetarily until I am able to receive it. I played The Eagle Rock
Music Festival with a group of excellent musicians and that went over very well. There is so much
more but where to begin?
So I will begin chronologically. I have made friends and business arrangements with UsvsTheminc P.R.
Rose and Ben of the firm have been very great to work with and have have a few nights of
being out on the town with them also. Rose likes to , as she says “rage” when she goes out.
Ben is a bit more reserved but really likes to have great conversation. This I can tell.

Next we move to the music video that was made. my now friend , Karrie Wimberly wanted to direct her first music video after having assisted in many videos in years past with some pretty famous bands. She wanted this one to be her first truly directed by herself project. Well, she did the treatments and got props and clothing of mine ready herself. A lot of work. She chose David Mcclymonds and his production company
forward fast productions. They did location scouting and the whole bit. I was surprised as my albums was not and is still not out now even. This very much fell right into my lap. It was a full day of filming
and they had a great DP (director of photography) out of New York. It was fun and we were tired at the end. Early start and late ending.