Impregnable and unable to get pregnant.

We are sorry to inform you that we must let you go. Your honesty and well mannered disposition and ability to work well with others is not appreciated here anymore.
I wont be worn down and I wont be stopped! Unless you tell me to. What is going on nowadays? There seems to be so little work out there even for the skilled and the trained or even the seasoned and the ones left working are sick and tired of a lot of their “positions”. Whaa waaa, I know. I’ll stop.

Men Give Birth! Click here.

Things have changed significantly lately. I decided to reflect on the past on this entry because I am good at reflecting on things in the past I am told…
I remember when I was on a small “twee” label out of Alhambra Ca. just next to Pasadena California called Shmat. I had at the time not much musical experience under my belt. The Shmat label people were fun and they always created their own events like BBQ’s and parties where we could showcase our own new music and new bands that were brought on board in general. The actual music I had brought to the table at the time was also engineered by my , at the time new friend and acquaintance Andrew Lynch who is once again working with me now after so many years.
Shmat was fun , and Shmat was indie. I had a lot of great times but I eventually outgrew that type of music for myself and that sort of filtered genre in general and I dropped the band. The name of the band was called Awestruck Dumbfounded. Here are a few links below that are old but are still up mentioning Awestruck Dumbfounded.

Well,the most that was ever really done was to get 2 songs featured on a sampler but that sampler was great and the other bands on there were incredible including my friend Richard Cranache’s band Carte Blanche. They were fun simpler times. Not the beer…the times themselves.

More things to come in future entries. I really was excited to see that Us vs Them is featuring Valley my single on SoundCloud now. I realize that other social networks are becoming more important again in my opinion since I think Facebook is getting worn out. This is a good thing I suppose. We can’t live our lives on Facebook anymore! To the armory for an anti Facebook revolution! Light the torches and pass out the pitchforks…Or maybe instead I’ll post another blog entry to Facebook through WordPress. Hows that?

UsvsThem features Valley

Shmat Records



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