I’m coming in last again.

Well, I seem to be at the end of the line again but if I simply turn around and face the other direction I am first once more. Is this what “trying” to be unique is all about?


Someone asked me today when I would release the Wrightwood music video of Valley. I want to say that timing and time is everything. There are so many who dont understand that concept…(the next rant and rave is not about the person who asked me that question by the way)
The voluminous amounts of people who want instant gratification all the time with instant leaps and bounds of success astound me. What has television or internet or cable programming done to us? I would ask you to maybe take the time to think about this but then, you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t take the time. People want instant answers of depth and magical perception unattainable by human beings in the real world. Then there is the intent from others who eventually, tire of explaining that even for them answers and solutions come with time (myself). These instant gratification mongers are sometimes not unlike the many new drivers on the road nowadays who make left turns from the far right lane and think nobody else is being affected. Ahhh, now we get into something else here.
Is that just plain idiocy or is it a massive, immeasurable amount of narcissism? Please do not get me wrong however… The wonderful person who asked me about my music video is not any of the things I have mentioned above. She just reminded me of someone else for a second. Now once again, do not get me toooooo wrong. I am guilty of wanting the world instantly at my fingertips but I have to recoil at myself sometimes and slap my own hand.
AND with that here is my music video. I finally decided to do something with it. This isn’t an official release. That will come later with plenty of P.R. Sorry I had to give you , the readers, such a hard time at first before spying this link below.

Valley music video on MTV

Oh, by the way. I know I always say I haven’t wrote an entries in a long time and that I need to more often. The problem is that , that more often seems to come after every time I submit a single post I admit. That will change. NOW…

Here is my 2 part quote of the day as well.

I must say that the loudest voice I’ve ever heard is the one inside my head. Although I know its clarity has often been be muddled by my passersby-ers. Therefore the farthest place Ive ever gone too is to the furthest place in my mind.

Oh yeah. I am back on the music thing. Setting up a show, rubbing elbows and getting a couple bran new songs together. It was, I admit easy to pick the 2 because I have a crap load now. That doesn’t mean I’m recording them with Andrew yet. Getting the other 9 done first now. For reals.
Somthing else to click on. I am not sure what it is.

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