Subliminal but in your face.

My rants and my raves are nothing different from the braying child next door.
I will not be negative tonight. No point. Lots of good things are happening.
Sometimes I write or say things that mean completely different things. Layers deep. I’m not gonna go down that rabbit hole right now. I’ll keep my , ahhem, thoughts to myself.


About the above photo. It looks bad I know. Dont ask.

I am going to be a bit more social tonight than I was last night. Last night I was talking and having a drink with a good friend. A tall lanky fella of the most artistic nature that most other friends of mine have yet to meet. We laughed we cried. He is a great musician but there is no way we can possibly work together with the likes of each other. That’s a joke. We could. Our lives are much too busy as is yours.

Unbeknownst to a few important people that would probably need to know, I am making some certain plans on some show dates coming up. I just don’t have the dates yet. Is that oxymoronic? No. Is that a word? No. The dates are a coming and they will be somewhat local sorta… It depends on how the audience member feels that day as far a drive is concerned. Dates soon. Must consult the Oracles before I write anything here on any definite shows.
My very next show I do with a full band will only be the third i’ve done that way with this project. Project Wrightwood or just Wrightwood. I prefer that over the basic singer , songwriter hoopla thingy that always seems to be the deal a lot around town. I mean I get it. It’s easier that way. It is fun also I admit. I wont knock it. I just just miss playing with a full band right now.

In the mean time here is a short video of me playing High As Birds Fly in Pasadena Ca. I didn’t really tell anyone I was playing. I wanted it to be organic and it was and it was nice. And guess what… I am playing it solo! Oh man, what a hypocrite I can be.

Dont Laugh at my gut Ive been working out

In other news, currently I am applying a little elbow grease to effectively rub elbows and to fraternize this evening with some good friends for a birthday. Many talented people of the musician like nature and similar associations. It’ll be fun!

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