I was under the impression you were gonna impress me….

More to come.

:20 minutes goes by:


I know right? What am I doing being a lame nerd on my WordPress phone app and trying to blog from a local watering hole that is verrrry inclusive and not at all non inclusive or exclusive to say the least.
Alas I am home now and I can hear 2 separate parties going onst at the moment here in what is called Echo Park. A district of Los Angeles with bohemian traits flowing back to the 20’s. Literally.
That’s impressive! To hear the echos of 2 separate parties ongoing from the window sill here in Echo Park. What eves as the cool kids say.

I was having a drink with my producer and his wife and another very talented pianist fellow of local , within the know , known-st. And now It’s time for bed somewhat in the vain of the Lawrence Welk Show good-night’s of the early 60’s and syndicated in the late 70’s on television. I thought those shows were live! F you Lawrence!
What am I talking about? Who knows. All I know is that it’s bed time west coast style.

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