Have you ever noticed that the best words are three syllables

Has anyone ever noticed that the most beautiful words in the world are three syllables…
Are they really? Ahh , who cares. That’s not the point.
You are not allowed to use my above quote. Guess what that line is for huh huh??
It’s my ghetto copyright.

So the other night I mentioned I was going to friends b day party at Spaceland. ( I refuse to call it Satellite) here in California and as I drove over a hilly street named Glendale blvd something happened. I hit the crest and banked over into the other side of it and low and behold in the dark on the road was a shadowy figure of a guy laying in the street under his black motorcycle , wearing all black and in the darkest most dangerous part of that other side of the street! ( on the hill).
” ‘For fucks sake! ‘ ” I exclaim and slow down quickly . Luckily I am not that fast a driver so I didn’t hit him but I swerved around him and looked at him on the ground the entire time while I was passing him. Like the pan of a camera using black and white film.
Well , of course I pull over and run as fast as I can back up the hill towards him and I can see he is struggling to pick or push the bike off of himself but to no avail. I run up thinking I can easily lift this thing off of him but I cant.( It’s pretty heavy and I dont work out.) I finally get up and off and kick out the stand and then pick him up. He’s got blood all over his face but I can access he is not too badly hurt. Just banged up. He’s laughing . He’s drunk. I struggle then to get that damn motorcycle off of the road and for some reason luckily and amazingly not a single car goes by. Not even a mouse. This is weird for L.A even at 1 in the morning. Amazing actually.
I get him to take his helmet off so I can see whats up with the rest of his head. He’s fine. I tell him he has blood and grease all over his face but he laughs and exclaims. “Well, at least my hair still looks good right?” . Actually he was right. His hair was all in one place as if it wasn’t ever a part of him and how he looked from the brows down. Sheesh, I think . Ive got to get this guy off the street or it’s DUI time for him. The flat tires on that bike and the gears that wouldn’t even shift for me made life difficult and bit treacherous at that neck of the street but whatever. Just get it done Peter.
I convince him he needs a ride home. We leave the bike there and I take him to his place which is on Echo Park ave. not too far from me.
Funny thing. I’m a little freaked out afterwards and see my friend. I tell her all about it. She looks at me and says. ” Wow, that’s crazy. Wanna share a beer” I look at her and pause then I say ” ‘ Sure ‘ ” The end. Or is it?!?!?!

This is supposed to be a blog about my music right!?!? Guess what. Today I got on with a publishing company in Europe who will be managing my licensing to whomever may want it. They seem to have many clients. Not gonna mention who they are yet but I will. This is good since that’s where music is going nowadays right? It is has been I suppose forever but it’s just more the thing now.


The above image is a photo of Mystery Hipster. Have you seen him? We were lucky to obtain this one photo of the elusive character. His identity remains , well. A MYSTERY!

I know it’s strange to break up a story like Ive done here from the above but I’m strange.
SOOOoo. my friend texts me days later. My friend who offered me the beer that crash filled night and she continues to text saying. “remember the guy you helped with the motorcycle the other night?!?!” I say , ‘yes’. She says. “That was my friend and he tells me to thank you”.
I mean I get it . It’s not so weird here in the Echo to see people over and over and everybody knows you name like Cheers (sorry) , but it’s still kinda weird?

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