I will go against the grain

I will go against the grain by not going anywhere near it.


More to come




I have nothing to fear but fear itself

What is this ? World war 3? Who’s quote was that!?!? Come on, do not use the internet. Okay, go ahead. I’ll give you a hint. He was president 4 times in a row( Yes, 4 times). Try fearing that nowadays with the people running for office now!


I felt it finally necessary to release the next few tracks. Maybe the dust has finally settled in the realm of music and absolutely nobody is left standing. Not even good music anymore. I can say with final certainty. With the coming on and on and on of the “millennial whoop” It reminds me of the days of the late 90’s when people used to listen to that electronic music with the strange hand and arm movements and the pacifiers.

Luckily for myself the only experience I have with pacifiers is with my very own children. I am happy to announce I never partook in the oral pacification of that genre. It was at these times in the late 90’s that I turned to reading and listening to the heavy “drone y” music of The Velvet Underground and such. In my opinion I feel between The Velvets and Gaston Leroux’s Phantom Of The Opera that these 2 things brought about subconsciously the idea of the goths and the goth movement. Not Siouxsie Sioux and her covers. The writing of Gaston coupled with the solitary drumming of the floor tom and mallet by Moe Tucker I think did it. Subconnnnncioously…..

As I force open the heavy lids of my insecurity in vain I , through my own vanity release these tracks.

Here are a few of my albums songs. Below. Thanks,


Peter Mercado