Impregnable and unable to get pregnant also.

We are sorry to inform you that we must let you go. Your honesty and well mannered disposition and ability to work well with others is not appreciated here anymore.
I wont be worn down and I wont be stopped! Unless you tell me to. What is going on nowadays? There seems to be so little work out there even for the skilled and the trained or even the seasoned and the ones left working are sick and tired of a lot of their “positions”. Whaa waaa, I know. I’ll stop.

Men Give Birth! Click here.

Things have changed significantly lately. I decided to reflect on the past on this entry because I am good at reflecting on things in the past I am told…
I remember when I was on a small “twee” label out of Alhambra Ca. just next to Pasadena California called Shmat. I had at the time not much musical experience under my belt. The Shmat label people were fun and they always created their own events like BBQ’s and parties where we could showcase our own new music and new bands that were brought on board in general. The actual music I had brought to the table at the time was also engineered by my , at the time new friend and acquaintance Andrew Lynch who is once again working with me now after so many years.
Shmat was fun , and Shmat was indie. I had a lot of great times but I eventually outgrew that type of music for myself and that sort of filtered genre in general and I dropped the band. The name of the band was called Awestruck Dumbfounded. Here are a few links below that are old but are still up mentioning Awestruck Dumbfounded.

Well,the most that was ever really done was to get 2 songs featured on a sampler but that sampler was great and the other bands on there were incredible including my friend Richard Cranache’s band Carte Blanche. They were fun simpler times. Not the beer…the times themselves.

More things to come in future entries. I really was excited to see that Us vs Them is featuring Valley my single on SoundCloud now. I realize that other social networks are becoming more important again in my opinion since I think Facebook is getting worn out. This is a good thing I suppose. We can’t live our lives on Facebook anymore! To the armory for an anti Facebook revolution! Light the torches and pass out the pitchforks…Or maybe instead I’ll post another blog entry to Facebook through WordPress. Hows that?

UsvsThem features Valley

Shmat Records



I have received your emails and understand your plight and what’s to be done. Nothing short of something more legal.

Bee Gees

In my time here on this planet I had never ever thought of the Bee Gees as anything else but disco. Boy was I wrong.
They had a couple of sounds over the years. One was of course their all famous disco sound of the late 70’s or 70’s in
general and the earlier sound was surprisingly a late 60’s pop sound similar in some respects to The Byrd’s or The Mammas And Papas in my view. Believe it.
How it was that I discovered this was one day I ventured into a Starbucks in downtown Los Angeles near FIDM fashion school
and heard music playing over the Starbucks overhead speakers. Nothing unusual as Starbucks has their own music internet
channel that streams into their stores referred to as Starbucks XM Café. I think this was strange at first but I listened
and liked what they were playing a lot. Then it happened. I heard some music akin to my ears like The Byrd’s Turn Turn Turn
with the soothing low BPM tempo and somewhat jangly sound mixed with high school fresh voices. I then listened more and
realized I didn’t know this song at all and tried to Shazaam it and of course I did not get the Shazaam going on time
which is what usually happens to me. At the end of that song there was a default message however that saved me. The
announcement, which was very generic, said I was just listening to The Bee Gees Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show
You Bee Gees’ 1st (1967). Wow, I thought. What a long title but I remembered it and when I got to work I immediately looked
that song up on YouTube and then discovered a whole world of Bee Gees that I had not known about on the side bar for other
similar videos. Amazing. There was a whole collection besides that song of similarly done songs by the Bee Gees including
Holiday, which I love! Bee Gees’ 1st (1967). This song has been described as “haunting, even eerie, having been composed
primarily in the minor key with a strong organ presence” Which is something I have done with personal songs I have put together.
I personally liked this song and their style then.

I’d like to give a little back. WAIT, not that much!

In the wake of the eve of the last eve of the last night of the last day of 2012 I hope everyone finds that they are happy tonight and if not I hope you cheer up soon since this year is over now. Thank Efin GOD.

I’ve got more work to do this week to get some music done. Let’s hope I can get it done in a timely manner.
I look forward to this new month. I am not too sure what it brings but it looks promising for myself.
My point is to not make this a dairy. This is a touchy subject with blogs isnt it? I really dont have the content to make this about music tonight. I just wanted to say what was said above.
Till next year.

Philanthropy has the best of me even on a bad day.

After attending a show last night I got to sit in on a mixing and a listening with Andrew H. Scarborough and Jorge Balbi Castellano of The Black Apples. It was late and I was tired but it didn’t matter because the music cut through my selfish emotions and lack of energy and woke me the hell up! Holy cow! How can I explain how good this new album of theirs sounds? I was lucky enough to hear it before all you allzz. I sat there and thought to myself that their music has always been great, fun listening and this is no different however I know they poured a lot into this new album and it shows. I hope I can only do the same as time goes by.
I am not trying to write a review of the Black Apples at all as I am not a music critic in the least bit but if I really like something then I want to write about it.

The Black Apples
In the courts of obsidian between the stones of imprisonment.
Maybe I mean oblivion.
As I got into downtown today I realized how soon this will happen less and less. I also realized I wouldn’t see the same familiar faces anymore that I often do. The faces of someones son or of someones daughter who now lives between life and no life between you and I as we hurry past them to get somewhere that is seemingly so much more important than stopping to talk or to help a human being. It kinda inspires thoughts in my mind then turned to words then turning to possible lyrics. That last sentence is not of real significance though. Homelessness here in Los Angeles seems most likely since it’s warm here most months of the year. I often wonder how they got there and what will happen to them in a much shorter time than things happen to you and to I. I have routinely stopped to give the ones I see the most what it is I may have without trying to seem mightier than them and maybe with a look in the eye or an actual word or 2. Some of these people have simply tried their best and this is the best they can do with all they have ever had or were given. I am no different than you. I walk past them on many, many occasions not having the time to deal with their very real and very immediate issues. Sometimes all I can do is continue to walk but with regret and with thoughts in my mind. As it becomes colder now even here in southern California I realize how much harder this life is. I have done the once a year Thanksgiving en treatments to the cause. It’s not enough. Not enough for at least myself anymore…
If I ever end up there myself I hope you stop to say hi.

The above is, I hope next in a set to come. I didn’t realize at first Andrew made a comment in it.

More whithered than the dryest seed on the hottest star.

Well, all bad things come to an end. Whew, thank goodness. Wait, they still aren’t over yet. Dammit. I am trying to make my daily routine to downtown come to an end. I’ve had enough of this area and the firmament here is not as much clean or attractive for me anymore. Not in the people I see nor in the air I breath.

The seeming er-repressive constancy of the daily grind. Obviating the coercion of far off laughter from a nameless evil that drives the soul of humanity. Your humanity into the dust and leaves you more withered than the driest seed on the hottest star.

Wow, what a downer right? Especially during the holidays. I’m not talking about me by the way or my mentality. It’s not meant to bring you down so much as it is just meant to remind that we all go through the same things day in and day out. Damn, I need a drink.
I fired up an old phone today and found that little diddy I posted above. I wrote that a long time ago.
Not sure how I was feeling at the time but I was tracking demos about’s then that’s for sure. Real inspirational for the type of music I was doing at the time. Well, I am still sorta doing that same type of music with that same sort of mood. Sorta. That’s when I used to live in Pasadena Ca. Now I live in the Silverlake district of Los Angeles. There is a lot going on there. It’s a Hip cum Bohemian part of town. I feel as though that area at the bottom of my street was the first area to own this title before the “Hipster” expansionism. Now most of the east side of Los Angeles can evoke some of this same genre and feeling.

Got a bit of news. It’s funny. Seems as though whether it’s a coffee shop or a back alley in a pleasant place you simply find yourself giving yourself away. Cryptic? Not for some. Now I understand the immature behavior I have experienced lately and it makes you wonder about past behavior. Either way, for now I wonder how many bullets I have dodged? I’ll never know for sure but one thing I do know is that I’ve dodged my last ones from some. Some people are just perpetually “up” to something… On to important things though.

Here is a song from a friends band that I used to listen to ceaselessly way back. Like it a lot. I am sure you will like it also. Eagle Winged Palace.

hmmm, here is another one.
This seasons nightly frost making it abundantly clear that my human shell is meager in the face of the harsh valid air of a river valley and a foothills mists. I stare helplessly however wantonly at the expansive dark sky harboring no colors my human eyes can make out. No twinkle I see for the chill of the night has obscured even the stars from view.

You can own and look into a thousand mirrors but it’s still the same reflection.

I’m in this video. Valley. I look different now from the time this was shot. My hair anyways. And currently I am not wearing the same clothes either. Forward Fast Productions made this possible. Director is Karrie Wimberly and producer is David McClymonds and director of photography Michael Koshkin. It was a hot few days but everyone still worked hard and I appreciate all the work. The DP’s came all the way in from New York. Not just for me but another project as well. Hammering out another new one. It’s all in it’s infancy though. The reason I am mentioning this again is this video is about ready now. Now UsvsThem runs with it.

Forward Fast Productions
Forward Fast Productions again
Funny, story. I went to a coffee shop the other day and this guy who was trying to hide from me put his hands to his face as I walked by to hide himself. He never looked better with his hands blocking his face.
Anyways , I pretended to not acknowledge that I had seen him so he wouldn’t be so scared. So tired of squirrely, swarm y people with so little constitution. Weeding them out now. I suppose I can be scary looking especially soon after I arise from bed. Especially if I’ve been up all night…

How does one see right through you yet see exactly who you are at the same time? Well, that’s up to you and your own actions isn’t it? People do not need to physically see you to understand who you are. Hmm, not sure where I am going with that but it seems very fitting.

There have been so many positive foreshadowing s lately that there is just a wonderful, positive overcast in my life right now. Sometimes even the weather looks good whether you agree with it or not. The other night I went to go see a band (Devotchka) that people I know were playing in. They are part of the section quartet and I am excited to be working with them very soon as they are arranging strings for me on a new song now. I am very excited to hear the outcome. Andrew is very good friends with them and has worked with them closely in the past. His judgment has never steered me wrong yet.
I had a very good conversation with Andrew again last night and he , once again put me back on the right course mentally.
Section Quartet

The person who knew me best was the one without sight.

The person who knew me best once was a person without sight. They did however have the best insight one could ever have.


What I said to someone leaving once. You’ve got a pretty fucking big sail there on your boat but where’s your wind?

So far I’ve gotten off to a great start on what today seems like will be a great day. This , for me is contrary to other days usually. Coffee time. Those who know me will know where I’ll be. I need to organize my evening as there is so much to do. A Christmas party in Los Feliz and a show somewhere else someone is taking me to as a surprise… It’s nice to be treated well.

I was talking to my friend Dave Schless yesterday and I was reminded of people with great insight. Dave is younger than I but is great at knowing almost exactly who people are. I mean he is dating a great friend of mine Dia so of course he knows what he is doing! Dave did a piece on my show in Eagle Rock at the festival they have there. It was published on The Ruckus. Here is the link below.

One last thing I forgot about. The song Valley has the sound in it of an axe picking away at rock. That file or track was the only one thing left from my original demo of Valley and I needed a sound like that. I remember standing there thinking then I decided that a sound I accidentally made earlier was perfect. I fired up garage band and got a coffee saucer and a butter knife and tracked away. Later I asked Andrew (my producer)if I could replicate it but he told me he could just take that raw file track straight from Garage band and Import it into Pro Tools. Don’t get me wrong, I never mix butter with coffee.
There , so where’s that Coffee? Off I go.

I’ve got a bad Habbit. I mean Hobbit.

I’ve got a bad habbit. I mean The Hobbit was bad!
Yes, I saw it but before I go off and say too much I’ll let you all watch it yourselves.

I was going to post a lot today including about the single Valley being here and being there but in the wake of this school shooting that just happened I am very mad and do not feel comfortable and happy posting on things that seem unfitting in the wake of what happened in Connecticut. Actually it’s a mass killing.

That’s it for today.

You’re Not The Boss Of Me! Now Give Me My Paycheck!

I’ve never met a person who didn’t like me, said the narcissist.

I recently took a trip up north. It’s none of your business what I was doing. I mean … what I was doing was strictly business. It’ll come to light I promise. I had a great but short time there. Re acquainted myself with friends I hadn’t seen for some time who are doing well. It was a nice sabbatical also. I could never live there. If you have ever seen the film noir movie Dead On Arrival then you would understand me when I say it was a tiny bit like that for me bouncing from San Francisco to Los Angeles then to Riverside County to see family all within such a short period of my life. Who am I to complain. I’m not.
As a footnote I have decided that one of my new favorite actresses from that era has moved from Kim Novak to Gene Tierney. Oh well, changes…

Back to the real world today and my real job for this time being. The corporate environment is failing. My job in downtown has become a circus and It’s time to move on from there also. I stuck my neck out once again today. Let’s see if the staggered repercussion is getting it cut off. (my head)

What about music? My song is up on the standard DSM’s now. Amazon, ITunes etc…
This is Valley. Click here if you dare
Forgot to add that wrote a nice little piece on Project Wrightwood and Valley in general.


Peter Mercado ends his musical hiatus with Wrightwood, a beautiful project that pays homage to legends like Elliot Smith and contemporaries Earlimart. The soft, low hum of Mercado’s voice has a certain class to it that not all modern artists possess, and when laid over his lackadaisical — not lazy — music, it evokes pleasant calm in the listener.

Today’s free MP3 download, ‘Valley,’ is appropriately titled, considering the California resident named his persona after a tiny Golden State mountain town.

“‘Valley’ is a song inspired by a combination of landscapes that are dear to me and of people who have passed from my life,” Mercado told “It came to me while traveling through these places, thinking of these people. But for me, the best meaning for ‘Valley’ is from the listener who takes what they want from ‘Valley’ and attach themselves in the way they like best.”

Oh, by the way. It’s raining so I like this song when it’s raining. Strange though that it’s a warm rain.
Better a warm rain then a cold shower.


The Hollywood Diet and all it’s Grapefruit Juiceness.

Nothing is weightless. Even our thoughts are measured by those who would read them.

I decided not to put my quotes in the subject line as it makes things look too busy. Speaking of busy, I have been just that lately plus on a none related note I started drinking grapefruit juice again as it has been my vice in the past.
It suppresses appetite, promotes caloric burn and , to me tastes good. Not all feel this way but in the 40’s it was all the fad of some Hollywood people that would abuse it by literally not eating anything else.

Today I am mastering the song Valley. Confusing? I really can’t explain the order of things right now. It just is this way. I started out the day early by talking (communicating) with Andrew Lynch my producer. He, himself was getting ready to go to work on a new project that I believe I am not able to mention. So why did I just mention that? He was making sure I had everything I needed to get down to the studio to get things going for the morning and meet Mark Chalecki the mastering engineer. He has a great setup for client listening while he is working. This starts the first of many mastering sessions with him I am sure. As you can see from the link below. He used to work for Capitol Mastering. He really knows what he is doing to say the least.
Marks mastering room was spacious and in it he has 2 white pieces of furniture that catch your eyes immediately almost more so than all the of vintage looking mastering gear also in there reminiscent of a control area for the Death Star from Star Wars. The pieces of furniture are mid century and you get a feeling of being in an workspace for sound that harkens back to the 60’s era control rooms for recording. Well, except for the mac computer in there also.
I took a cab there which was refreshing and at the same time nerve wrecking as my car is in the shop right now. I realized once again that in Los Angeles when without your car you really are almost as if out to sea without a thing to float on…

Mark Chalecki link

Looks like the next session will be in the new year. That’s not to far away though.